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Running Simulator is a 3D racing game prototype in which the player must alternate between pressing the left and right mouse button in order to control the speed of their character. Essentially, if the players mouse button presses were close together they would move faster, while if they were further apart the player would move much slower. Additionally, the player would have to make sure they don't move too quickly and use up stamina, as that could cause them to run slower for some time.

This was a more experimental project I worked on  for my Game Systems and Experience Design class. We were tasked with creating a system based on physicality. I thought it would be interesting to try and take the action of moving forward, something essential to all racing games but usually just determined via a button press, and try to make it more involved. I wanted to determine if this concept would fall flat on its face, or actually had some potential. It would definitely need some balancing, but this prototype still did its job in showing this concept had some potential.

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