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A turn-based strategy game prototype in which each individual unit is randomly generated.

Platform:  PC

Date:  2021 - Ongoing

Role:  Solo Project

Engine:  Unity

Tactics Generator is turn-based strategy prototype with the simple premise of randomly nearly ever aspect of the game, providing a unique playthrough every time. Each units stats and class are randomized, with it trending towards specific trends based on the units fantasy species (Orcs tend to be have higher Attack but lower Magic and Speed stats.) In this prototype there are two phases of the game being the overworld and battles. In the overworld, each unit on the map represents a squad of several characters and when they attack an enemy squad it triggers the battle phase. In this phase, you controls your individual units against the enemies in the opposing squad. You can recruit new units by either persuading enemy units in the battle phase, or hiring them from villages in the overworld phase.


This prototype started development after finishing my senior year of college, as something I could do at my own pace as a fully solo project. It was an idea I had several years prior, but I did not believe could be fully realized in the time given for any of my college assignments. I also saw it as working to my strengths, as the concept was heavy in programming work and system design, two of my strengths, while being light in narrative / character design work, something I am not as proficient in. It has mainly functioned as an on and off project, to showcase my major skills and provide a solid portfolio piece for a genre I am very passionate in.

What I Learned:

This project was my first project produced after graduating from college, unrelated to any specific assignment. It helped me to further develop my technical and system design skills, without feeling restricted to any specific time restraints, beyond those I gave myself. Additionally, it is the largest turn-based strategy game I have worked on, a genre I have particular interest in.

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