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Frienemy is a cooperative turn-based strategy game in which two players must work together to both reach the end of a level. Each player would take turns moving across the grid-based map, and attacking enemies with the hopes of reaching the end, and escaping the dungeon. However, both players are possessed by an evil spirit, and eventually will lose control. At the end of every turn, their evil meter will increase, and once it reaches the max, they will enter evil mode, and waste 1 turn automatically targeting the other player. They can try to prevent this by ending their turn on a light space, which will decrease their evil meter rather than increase it. Both players need to reach the end in order to win the game, so they will need to work together to make sure neither player loses all of their HP. 


I developed this game for my final for my Principles of Game Design class, which I took in the Fall, 2018 semester as a Sophomore. I used Unity version 2018.2.2f1 to create this game, and it was one of my first major games I developed using the engine. The hardest part of developing this game, was trying to create grid-based, turn-based strategy system, which took the majority of the projects development to create. Overall, I am proud of how the game turned out, and am pleased with what I learned about using Unity.

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