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A traditional turn-based RPG in which you can use various spells to manipulate the environment in order to create different effects.

Platform:  PC

Date:  Late 2021- 2022

Role:  Combat Programmer / Design Input

Engine: Unity Engine

RatPG is a traditional turn-based RPG in which you play as someone who has awoken as a rat deep within the sewers with no recollection of who you are, or where you came from. The game has a very humorous tone, bringing you through many absurd locations and scenarios as you try to discover more about why you are there. The battle system takes inspiration from games such as Final Fantasy VI, utilizing an ATB mechanic to determine the order in which units can move. Additionally the game boasts a system in which you can target the environment creating different effects for your party. This includes effects that help your party (using a fire spell on water to create steam raising your allies evasion), or inflict negative status's on the enemy (using fire on grass to burn enemies and deal damage over time).



I was onboarded to work on this game by fellow Champlain graduates, working in a small team of 6 people. My primary contribution to the game was fully programming the games battle system. This included, but was not limited to, implementing basic targeting and attacking, the ATB system that determines turn order, and programming the different spells interactions when targeting enemies and the environment. I also collaborated to aid in other areas of development, such as aid on overworld cutscenes and dialogue programming, as well as helping in general design decisions. 

What I Learned:

This game is important as is one of my first collaborative projects I worked on after graduating. This meant a little more freedom in the deadlines and decisions while working, but at the same time, not as much critique from more experienced developers. So while this was a little more freeing than some of the other projects I have worked on, it presented new challenges to overcome. Additionally, while I did have some contribution to the design of this project, I primarily worked on the programming side of it, allowing me to flesh out more of my technical skills.

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