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03-13 Champlain College Gaming Students

Video games have always been an important part of my life. Whether it was bonding with friends over the games we play, or finally beating a challenging boss, video games have created some of the most positive experiences in my life. Using my knowledge, I want to create games that will create positive experiences for other people, as other games have done for me.

I am mostly a technical designer, focusing more on gameplay systems and implementing them, rather than on creating narrative. My main process involves coming up with a unique gameplay system, and building the game around that, aiding in both the design and programming side of development.

Major Projects


Install Wizard, Lead Designer 2020-2021

A 2D dungeon crawler in which the titular Install Wizard must try to destroy a virus that has infected a mid 90's PC.


Mafiosos Adventure, Solo Project 2019-2020

A 3D platforming collectathon meant to combine the open levels of Mario 64, with the fast paced gameplay of Sonic Adventure.

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